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Court Marriage in Nepal

Court marriage in Nepal is a legal way to get married. It is an alternative to traditional religious or cultural ceremonies. To get a court marriage, you and your partner must go to a court of law and sign a marriage register.

Eligibility For Marriage

  • Consent:
    Both the man and the woman must freely agree to get married.
  • Capacity:
    Both the man and the woman must be legally capable of getting married. This means that they must be of legal age, mentally competent, and not already married to someone else. Both parties must be at least 20 years old.
  • Lawfulness:
    The marriage must not be prohibited by law. For example, close relatives are not allowed to marry each other.
  • No Existing Marriage:
    Neither party should already be married at the time of court marriage.

Court Marriage (Or Any Marriage) Prohibited By Law

No one can marry someone based on false information about the other person's health, marital status, or criminal history. This includes:

  • Having HIV or Hepatitis B or another serious incurable disease
  • Not having a sexual organ, being unable to have sex, or being unable to have children
  • Being mute, deaf, blind, or having leprosy
  • Having a mental illness
  • Already being married
  • Being pregnant
  • Having been convicted of a serious crime

What Happens If A Person Enters Into Marriage With Another Person Through Misrepresentation?

In the event of such a misrepresented marriage, it can be annulled, and the aggrieved party has the right to seek fair compensation from the individual responsible for arranging or entering into the marriage under false pretenses.

Bottom line: Void the marriage, and claim for compensation.

Situations Where The Marriage Cancels (Becomes Void) Automatically

  • A marriage concluded without the consent of the man or the woman.
  • A marriage concluded between the relatives, punishable by law on incest' (हाडनाता भित्र विवाह गर्न नहुने)

Can A Nepali Person Do A Court Marriage With Foreigner?

Marriage has no legal boundaries. In Nepal, if a person from Nepal wants to marry someone from another country, they can do so. However, there are specific rules they must follow. For example, in international marriages, the couple needs to wait for 16 days after applying for a marriage certificate from the proper legal authority before they can officially get married. This waiting period is part of the process to make sure everything is done correctly.

Documents Required For Foreign Citizen

In addition to the documents required for all court marriages in Nepal, foreign citizens must also provide the following:

  • A no-objection letter from their embassy or consulate in Nepal, stating that they are free to marry in Nepal. This letter must be translated into Nepali and notarized by a notary public.
  • A copy of the marriage law from their home country. This law must also be translated into Nepali and notarized by a notary public.

The no-objection letter is required to ensure that the foreign citizen is not already married and that their marriage is not prohibited by their home country's laws. The marriage law from the foreign citizen's home country is required to ensure that the marriage is valid under both Nepali and foreign law.

What Are The Benefits Of Court Marriage Nepal?

  • Less Time Consuming:

    You don't have to prepare for months to conclude a court marriage. It is less time-consuming than traditional ceremonies.

  • Cost Effective (Less Cost)

    usually, marriage in Nepal is expensive. On average, Nepali people spend around 5 lakhs or more to conclude a marriage in the traditional way. However, court marriage is very cost-effective and does not require much money.

I Want To Hire Someone To Assist Me In Concluding The Court Marriage, Are There Any Lawyers?

Yes, you can contact us for this. They have been assisting couples in concluding court marriages for a long period of time.


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