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Definition and Requirements for Marriage in Nepal:

Definition and Requirements for Marriage in Nepal:

  • Marriage is a formal union and legal relationship between two individuals, based on free consent, for conjugal and family life.
  • A marriage must be publicized, and every person's family life shall be inviolable.
  • A marriage can be concluded between a man and a woman if they agree to accept each other as husband and wife, are not relatives, have no existing matrimonial relationship, and have both attained twenty years of age.
  • The law allows marriage among people belonging to a certain caste to get married to one’s relative if they culturally accept such practice.

Documents Required for Court Marriage in Nepal:

  • A duly filled and signed application form in the prescribed format.
  • Original and notarized copies of citizenship of both applicants.
  • Original and notarized copies of citizenship certificate of witnesses.
  • Recommendation letters issued from local wards proving the unmarried or single status of both applicants.
  • Four copies of passport-size photos of both applicants.

Documents Required for Foreigners for Court Marriage in Nepal:

  • No objection letter from the respective embassy or consulate to get married in Nepal, translated into Nepali by a notary public.
  • Law relating to marriage in the concerned country, translated into Nepali and notarized by a notary public.
  • Proof of foreigner residing in Nepal for a minimum of 15 days.
  • Copy of passport with a valid visa.

Court Marriage Registration Process in Nepal:

  • Both applicants must fill out an application and sign in their respective presence.
  • The court authority verifies all the documents, registers the application, and schedules an appointment.
  • On the scheduled date, both applicants and their witnesses must be present in court.
  • If all documentation is in order and all legal conditions are fulfilled, the judge approves the marriage registration application, and the court administration issues a certificate of the same.


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