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Document required for Court Marriages in Nepal

When one wishes to do anything legally, have to submit all the documentation required and the same goes with court marriages in Nepal. If applicants wish to register their marriage in court have to submit the following documents.
Application that has been properly completed and signed and is in the format required;

  • Original and notarized copies of applicants' citizenship certificates;
  • Original and notarized copies of witness citizenship certificates.
  • Both candidates must provide letters of recommendation from their local wards attesting to their status as single or unmarried;
  • Letters of recommendation from neighborhood ward offices for temporary addresses are required for both candidates;
  • 4 copies of passport-size photos each
  • Bank voucher equivalent to Rs 500 as a court fee

Foreign Citizens, need to submit the following documents in addition to registering court marriage in Nepal.

  • No objection letter from the relevant embassy or consulate to getting married in Nepal. The notary public shall translate this into Nepali and notarize it.
  • Marriage-related laws in their respective country. The notary public shall translate this act into Nepali and notarize it.


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