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Marriage Registration Lawyers in Kathmandu, Nepal

If you are seeking guidance on the processes involved in court marriage registration in Nepal, it is advisable to seek consultation from an experienced law firm and marriage registration lawyers in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Our firm specializes in providing consulting services specifically tailored to court marriage registration in Nepal. We offer recommendations based on your unique situation and the country of your residence. While the fundamental requirements for marriage registration are consistent for both foreigners and Nepali citizens, it's essential to note that certain document requirements may vary.

We strongly recommend seeking expert advice for marriage registration to ensure a smooth process, and we pledge to facilitate the issuance of your marriage certificate within a swift timeframe of 2 business days.

For more details and to connect with our team of court marriage lawyers, please reach out to us. We are here to assist you with any inquiries you may have.

How to Contact Marriage Registration Lawyers in Nepal?

Contacting marriage registration lawyers in Nepal can be done through various methods. Here are steps you can take to get in touch with them:

Online Search

  • Utilize online search engines to find marriage registration lawyers in Nepal.
  • Use relevant keywords such as "marriage registration lawyers in Nepal" or "family law attorneys in Kathmandu."

For example: Search 'Court Marriage Nepal' in Google and you can find the best marriage registration lawyers that can help you with court marriage.

Law Firms' Websites

  • Visit the websites of law firms in Nepal, especially those that offer services related to family law and marriage registration.
  • Law firms often provide contact information on their websites.

NOTE: One reliable website courtmarriageinnepal.com for the court marriage.

Social Media

Explore social media platforms, professional networks, or legal forums where lawyers may have profiles or pages with contact details.

NOTE: You can visit different social media handles of COURT MARRIAGE NEPAL to get connected with marriage registration lawyers who are qualified with years of experience in this field.

Phone Inquiries

Obtain contact numbers from online listings, law firm websites, or directories and make direct phone inquiries. For your convenience, contact Advocate Ram Bahadur Mijar at 9841114443 so that he can help you with the registration process.

visit law offices:

If you are already in Nepal, consider visiting the law offices in person to schedule a consultation or inquire about their services.

For your convenience, kindly visit Court Marriage Nepal office located at Anamnagar, Kathmandu to seek assistance in matters related to court marriage.

When reaching out to marriage registration lawyers, be prepared with relevant information about your situation and any specific questions you may have. Additionally, inquire about their fees, the consultation process, and the services they offer in the context of marriage registration.


Court marriage registration in Nepal is a legal process that requires the guidance of expert lawyers. Our firm specializes in providing consulting services for court marriage registration in Nepal, and we can help you obtain your marriage certificate within 2 business days. We offer recommendations based on your unique situation and the country of your residence. To contact our team of court marriage lawyers, you can use online search, law firm websites, social media, phone inquiries, or visit our office in person.


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