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Temporary Residence Certificate in Nepal

The one who plan to marry in Nepal, such as for court marriages, must obtain a Temporary Resident Certificate (TRC) in order to do so. The primary justifications for the necessity of this certificate are as follows:

Legal Requirement: Nepal has certain regulations that dictate the marriage procedures for Nepali citizen as well as foreigners. The TRC acts as confirmation that the person has legal authorization to stay in that district temporarily, which is usually necessary for any legal matters, such as getting married.

Confirmation of Identity and Purpose: The TRC assists in confirming the identity and temporary stay intention of the individual in the district of Nepal. This is essential to prevent marriages from being carried out with deceitful intentions or inappropriate motives.

Legal proceedings such as court marriages in Nepal necessitate appropriate documentation to uphold validity and adherence to local laws. The TRC is involved in this documentation process to verify the person's ability to take part in legal affairs in Nepal.

This document is crucial in order to adhere to local immigration laws and may be necessary for different administrative tasks like getting a work permit, setting up a bank account, or using specific services. People with a temporary residence certificate must make sure they grasp the terms tied to their temporary stay and abide by all applicable demands.

Process of Making Temporary Residence Certificate 

Visit the Ward office of your current residence with your:

  • citizenship documentation,
  • electricity bills from your current or rented residence,
  • and house tax bills.

You should submit the application for the temporary residence certificate at the ward office where you currently live.


  • In order to have a court marriage in the district where you currently live, you must have been living at your current address for a continuous period of 15 days.
  • Temporary Residence Certificates cannot be issued from commercial residential establishments such as hotels or hostels.
  • If your temporary and permanent address are identical, there is no need for a temporary residence certificate to be made.


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