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The procedure of Court Marriages in Nepal

Court marriage is meant for a couple who are not married traditionally but rather intended to get wed in a legal way.  
New legal rules governing marriage have been put into effect with the enactment of the "Muluki Civil Code." Marriages in Nepal are now officially registered in district courts. Aspirants may register the marriage at any of the 77 district courts of Nepal depending upon their convenience. 
However, Court Marriages are not as easy as it is considered. There is a specific procedure for court marriages in Nepal which should be followed to register the marriage and the procedure for court marriages in Nepal are listed below:

  • Both applicants properly complete an application and sign in their individual presence in any of the district courts of Nepal.
  • Both applicants must have stayed in the respective district for 15 days from which they have done the application,
  • The court authority needs to verify each submitted document. The court registers the application upon verification, and an appointment day is given to the applicants.
  • Both applicants must appear in court on the designated date, along with their witnesses.
  • The court will approve the marriage registration application, and the court office will issue a certificate of the same if all the paperwork is carried out correctly and all the legal requirements are met.


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